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November 2023 | DYNAMIC EARTH

Rattlesnake | {neighborhood} Landry McMeans
$ 6,800.00
Ocotillo | {neighborhood} Landry McMeans
$ 6,500.00
Saguaros | {neighborhood} Landry McMeans
$ 6,500.00
Organ Pipes | {neighborhood} Landry McMeans
Organ Pipes
$ 6,500.00
Prickly Pear | {neighborhood} Landry McMeans
Prickly Pear
$ 4,800.00
Terlingua | {neighborhood} Landry McMeans
$ 4,800.00
Mojave | {neighborhood} Landry McMeans
$ 4,500.00
Polyphemus Moth | {neighborhood} Landry McMeans
MeteorLite | {neighborhood} Shamsy Roomiani
$ 3,350.00
The Charmer | {neighborhood} Shamsy Roomiani
The Charmer
$ 3,350.00
Wonderful Cacti Land Suit | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
The Sun Shines Down On Me Suit | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
Radio Freak Suit | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
My Wife's A Mermaid And I'm On Fire Suit | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
Groove Is In The Heart Suit | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
Gentle On My Mind Suit | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
Electric Landlady Suit | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
Billy The Kid Suit | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
Sold Out
Ziggy Stardust Boot | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
Yellow Rose Hat | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
David Byrne's Big Country Hat | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
Big Rock Candy Mountain Hat | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
Wish You Were Here Boot | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
Sympathy For The Devil Boot | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
Sunshine Superman Boot | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
Summer In The City | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
Red Magic Woman Boot | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
My Backyard Cacti Boot | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
Little Wing Boot | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
Lady Of Floral Desire Boot | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
Althea Boot | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
Althea Boot
$ 1,200.00
Reflection of Stars | {neighborhood} Shamsy Roomiani
Redbud Tree Herbarium | {neighborhood} Shamsy Roomiani
Palm in Balboa | {neighborhood} Alex Waggoner
Tokyo Cones | {neighborhood} Alex Waggoner
Tokyo Cones
$ 990.00
Climbing | {neighborhood} Nadia Rosales
Sold Out
$ 800.00
Desert Dance | {neighborhood} Nadia Rosales
Sold Out
Full Tilt | {neighborhood} Nadia Rosales
Sold Out
Full Tilt
$ 750.00
Diamond Herbarium | {neighborhood} Shamsy Roomiani
Cobra Lily Herbarium | {neighborhood} Shamsy Roomiani
Sold Out
Pyrite Herbarium | {neighborhood} Shamsy Roomiani
Ammonite Herbarium | {neighborhood} Shamsy Roomiani
A Part of the Whole | {neighborhood} Shamsy Roomiani
Sirenas | {neighborhood} Nadia Rosales
Sold Out
$ 675.00
San Pedro Cactus - Light | {neighborhood} Landry McMeans
Barrel Cactus - Light | {neighborhood} Landry McMeans
San Pedro Cactus - Dark | {neighborhood} Landry McMeans
Barrel Cactus - Dark | {neighborhood} Landry McMeans
Yucca - Dark | {neighborhood} Landry McMeans
Yucca - Light | {neighborhood} Landry McMeans
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