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Jane Reichle

Austin, TX

Jane Reichle is a 23 year old self-taught hand embroidery artist and fashion designer local to Austin, Texas. Initially Reichle focused on her interest in the importance of slow fashion and ethically produced clothing. During that time, she created a collection of hand-embroidered vintage clothing which was featured in Soco Modern Art Gallery in Austin, Texas. She has since moved on to embroidering canvases and tapestries. Each piece of clothing, canvas, or tapestry, is one of a kind and can take anywhere from 40 to 300 hours to create.

Her work involves embroidering unconventional and risqué designs to redefine the medium. Though when most people hear the word "embroidery," they think of pastel flowers and domesticity, Reichle uses embroidery to express her interest in anarchist, irreverent subcultures. Reichle is often inspired by cult classic music and films, old poetry, her friends in the city, and all other forms of peculiar media.

Cactus Obsessed | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
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American Psycho | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
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Finger Gun Smoke Show | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
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Closeted Skeleton | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
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Switchblade Martini | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
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Cartoon Network | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
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Bruised Tattoo | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
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Bruised Tattoo
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Cornflower Blue | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
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