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Jane Reichle

Austin, TX

(b. 1998) Bryan, TX

Jane Reichle, is a self-taught embroidery and textile artist based in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas. In 2022, she burst into the limelight, captivating art enthusiasts and fashion connoisseurs alike with a series of sold-out gallery exhibitions and a prominent feature in Texas Monthly.

Reichle's artistic skillfulness shines through her unique creations: she meticulously designs western wear, expertly transferring her visions onto fabric through the intricate art of hand-stitching. Her creative journey draws inspiration from an eclectic blend of sources, including the legendary Nudie Cohen and the bespoke western wear fashion scene. Furthermore, she delves into the world of old-school American tattoos for additional inspiration and counts her eccentric Austin-based friends as a wellspring of creative energy.

Lady Lazarus | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
Lady Lazarus
$ 2,200.00
Radio Freak Suit | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
My Wife's A Mermaid And I'm On Fire Suit | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
Groove Is In The Heart Suit | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
Gentle On My Mind Suit | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
Lady + Agave | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
Levi Boot | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
Levi Boot
$ 275.00
Weston Boot | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
Sold Out
Weston Boot
$ 275.00
Florence Boot | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
Billy Boot | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
Billy Boot
$ 275.00
Rusty Boot | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
Rusty Boot
$ 275.00
May Boot | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
May Boot
$ 275.00
June Boot | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
June Boot
$ 275.00
Glenn Boot | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
Glenn Boot
$ 275.00
Cacti | {neighborhood} Jane Reichle
$ 225.00