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Home Accessories

Black Double Taper Candleabra | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Manitas | {neighborhood} Colectivo 1050
From $ 15.00
Cochinito Bowl | {neighborhood} Colectivo 1050
Sold Out
Cochinito Bowl
From $ 45.00
Black Taper Holder | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Gold Cake Server | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Marble Chain | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Hand-dyed Kitchen Towel | {neighborhood} West of Here
Monkey Lamp | {neighborhood} Seletti
Monkey Lamp
From $ 335.00
Rectangle Wood Tray | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Small Teak Spoon Scoop | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Handmade Dipped Beeswax Candles | {neighborhood} Mo&Co Home
Carita Planter | {neighborhood} {neighborhood}
Carita Planter
From $ 85.00
Fire and Clay: The Art of Oaxacan Pottery | {neighborhood} Colectivo 1050
Sold Out
Nabora Coffee Cup | {neighborhood} Colectivo 1050
Sold Out
Black Taper Candleabra | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Sienna Latex Glaze Stoneware Vase | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Bartola Pitcher | {neighborhood} Colectivo 1050
Bartola Pitcher
From $ 55.00
Hand-carved Teak Spoon | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Stoneware Vase w/Asymmetrical Handles | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Quique Mezcal Cup | {neighborhood} Colectivo 1050
Alfonso Jar | {neighborhood} Colectivo 1050
Sold Out
Zandunga Mezcal Cup | {neighborhood} Colectivo 1050
Ivory Taper Candle Holder | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Textured Terracotta + Gold Vase | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Textured Metal Mustard Vase | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Cirilo Bowl | {neighborhood} Colectivo 1050
Haus Tealight Vase | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Large Black Cheese Board | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Hand-dyed Napkin | {neighborhood} West of Here
Terracotta Latex Glaze Stoneware Vase | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Tilde Incense Tin | {neighborhood} Blackbird
Tasseled Knitted Throw Blanket | {neighborhood} Drew Derose Designs
Ch'ail Pitcher | {neighborhood} Colectivo 1050
Gold Ladle | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Gold Ladle
$ 15.00
Short Black Hand-Carved Acacia Wood Spoon | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Conejo Shaker | {neighborhood} Colectivo 1050
Sold Out
Black Spoon Rest | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Acacia Wood Rolling Pin | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Wood + White Marble Cutting Board w/ Knife | {neighborhood} Creative Co-op
Lone Incense Tin | {neighborhood} Blackbird
Sand Stoneware Vase w/ Eared Handles | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Izba Incense Tin | {neighborhood} Blackbird
Gorgo Incense Tin | {neighborhood} Blackbird
Incense Discovery Set | {neighborhood} Blackbird
Split Neutrals Stoneware Tray | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Josefina Jar | {neighborhood} Colectivo 1050
Sold Out
Rose Gold Bank in the Form of a Pig | {neighborhood} Areaware
Sold Out
Cream + Black Cotton Knit Throw | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Beige + Black Handpainted Terracotta Vase | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Ch'ail Soup Bowl | {neighborhood} Colectivo 1050
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