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Gabo Martinez


Guanajuato, Mexico

Based in San Marcos, TX, Gabo Martinez is an interdisciplinary artist who was born in Guanajuato, Mexico. Drawing upon both traditional and contemporary motifs, Gabo utilizes these visual languages to craft a narrative of her own that reclaims and honors her own heritage. The mediums of Printmaking and Ceramics are combined to create installations and spaces that evoke the warmth of brown bodies and rich vibrant colors. These spaces become vehicles for the re-emergence of Barro Rojo/Red Clay into the present contemporary moment and elevates Ancestral Ceramic Technologies and motifs. Barro Rojo lends itself in its softness and malleability to be molded into objects that can further immortalize our culture and our
narratives. Barro Rojo is a Historical and Contemporary legacy.

Gabo holds a BFA in Studio Arts with a concentration in Ceramics from Texas State University at San Marcos, Texas. She is a founder of the Tepeyac Collective, a collective that aims to organize and highlight BIPOC Clay artists in Central Tx as a response to the lack of diversity and harmful gate-keeping within the present day clay community.

Gabo has completed residencies at the Sonoma Community Center in California as well as a visiting artist residency at Texas A&M University in Laredo, Tx. She has been featured in Ceramics Monthly as well as the Glasstire 4x4 series. Her works are available in person at All The Feels shop in Houston as well as the Wrong Store in Marfa.

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Goblin Pot #4
$ 2,500.00
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Goblin Pot #1
$ 2,500.00
Goblin Pot #3
$ 2,250.00
Goblin Pot #2
$ 2,750.00
Blue and Round Goblin Planter | {neighborhood} Gabo Martinez
Blue Goblin Mask | {neighborhood} Gabo Martinez
Green Goblin Mask | {neighborhood} Gabo Martinez
Checkered Sun Mask | {neighborhood} Gabo Martinez
Blue Bottleneck Goblin Planter | {neighborhood} Gabo Martinez
Sold Out
Blue and Long Goblin Planter | {neighborhood} Gabo Martinez
Green Bottleneck Goblin Planter | {neighborhood} Gabo Martinez
Green and Long Goblin Planter | {neighborhood} Gabo Martinez
Green & Round Goblin Planter | {neighborhood} Gabo Martinez