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Molly Odom Magill


Oak Cliff, TX

Molly Odom Magill is an artist living in Dallas, TX. After 17 as a marketing executive for several large national retail headquarters, she left the corporate world and started her multi disciplinary art studio in Dallas TX - Cliff and Callahan

This studio work is connected to an intersection of things - old and new, soft and bold, easy and difficult, simple and complex, rural and urban. Forever influenced by her upbringing in West Texas mixed with life living and raising her kids in Dallas for over 15 years, are combined to link Molly’s work to the idea of the places of her life and that of her family for generations. Embracing these intersections and all the circumstances that bring us to where we are, no matter how unexpected or imperfect the path, drive the work. Connecting Molly’s past in Callahan County with her present in Oak Cliff, from which the name of the studio is derived, come together in all the ways of the work to help us all embrace our authentic expressions of life.

"My work is rooted in place. Who we are, where we come from and where we are going as expressed through color, form and texture. The work seeks to use these elements to express boundaries, intersections and paths, both on the canvas, and beyond. The hope is that each piece will allow us to consider how our paths, no matter how winding, push us to where we are and the beauty in that place. May we feel a boldness in embracing who we are and how we got here."

-Molly Odom Magill

Still III | {neighborhood} Molly Odom Magill
Still III
$ 450.00
Still II | {neighborhood} Molly Odom Magill
Still II
$ 450.00