Cruz Ortiz

San Antonio, Texas 

Born 1972 Houston, Texas. Lives and works in San Antonio, Texas.

Education University of Texas at San Antonio. Bachelors of Fine Arts, Concentration in Printmaking. 2000

"Go Spurs," he says.  That's okay, he is also a 'BIG' Dallas Cowboys fan. Sunday's football is religion in the Cruz casa, and it is mandatory for the entire family to dress up in blue and root on the Dallas Cowboys. Cruz uses his art form to address issues related to his experiences growing up in the bi-cultural landscape of South Texas.Thoroughly grounded in the history of art, contemporary art practices, and social-political cultural movements Ortiz’s unique language fuses classical icons with symbols of contemporary pop culture.  He engages the public with interactive works such as wheat paste murals, communal art events, guerrilla AM radio broadcasts, and ephemeral street sculptures.

El Johnny the Satellite The Museum of Contemporary Art in Santa Barbara, California 2017

Te Queiro A lot Mamacitas The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center curated by Patty Ortiz, San Antonio, Texas 2014

Hecho Farm University of Texas at Austin, Visual Arts Center curated by Kate Green, Austin, Texas 2012

El Corrido de el Super Taco Gone Bad The Louvre Curated by Victor Zamudio-Taylor Paris, France Septmeber 2004

Coyote Girl Steals the Raspa The Dallas Center for Contemporary Art Curated by Joan Davidow Dallas, Texas October 2003

Tacos for 99 Cents San Antonio Museum of Art Curated by George Neubert San Antonio, Texas December 2001


30 results
Yanaguana - {neighborhood}
$ 4,500.00
Este Amor Es Puro Puppy Love - {neighborhood}
Mammacitas Can I Drink You a Buy - {neighborhood}
Cuz I'm Dreaming of You Tonite - {neighborhood}
Lubbock, Tejas - {neighborhood}
Lubbock, Tejas
$ 4,500.00
Cuatro Días Thru Tejas Dream - {neighborhood}
Dulce Amor - {neighborhood}
Dulce Amor
$ 4,500.00
Olivia In A Star Snake Nite Dream - {neighborhood}
Olivia Talking to Bernadette Chihuahua Desert Dream - {neighborhood}
Tierra - {neighborhood}
$ 4,500.00
Tres Días Desert Dream - {neighborhood}
Desert Days Con La Muerte - {neighborhood}
La Muerte Sun Dream - {neighborhood}
La Muerte Sun Dream
$ 3,500.00
Río Grande Boy - {neighborhood}
Río Grande Boy
$ 3,500.00
Sueños - {neighborhood}
$ 3,500.00
Suerte - {neighborhood}
$ 3,500.00
Intergalactic Dream During the Pandemic - {neighborhood}
Fire Tree Dream - {neighborhood}
Fire Tree Dream
$ 27,000.00
Olivia In A Blue Water Sun Dream - {neighborhood}
Río Bravo Boy Dreaming of Past Dreams - {neighborhood}
Cumbias All Nites - {neighborhood}
Cumbias All Nites
$ 1,200.00
Star Boy - {neighborhood}
Star Boy
$ 1,200.00
Sabes K I Think I Might Be In Mucho In Love With You - {neighborhood}
Sueños - {neighborhood}
$ 1,200.00
Sueños Boy - {neighborhood}
Sueños Boy
$ 1,200.00
Suerte - {neighborhood}
$ 1,200.00
Sun Boy - {neighborhood}
Sun Boy
$ 1,200.00
Olivia Con Nopales - {neighborhood}
Olivia Con Nopales
$ 5,000.00
Río Bravo Boy Using Google Maps to Get Back Across - {neighborhood}
Snake Table - {neighborhood}
Snake Table
$ 1,200.00
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