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Niki Dionne

Dallas, TX

(b. 1992) Oklahoma City, OK

Niki Dionne, the creative behind Actual Footage of Me, is an Illustrator and Fiber Artist rooted in Dallas, TX. With a unique blend of illustration oil pastel and needle felting techniques, Niki brings to life faceless representations of Black women. Her art delves into the intricate interplay between self-perceived identity and how it influences the self-perception of Black women. Having grappled with her own identity, each creation bears a part of Niki, extending an open invitation to viewers to discover echoes of themselves within these relatable figures.

Glory | {neighborhood} Niki Dionne
$ 400.00
Book Sketch | {neighborhood} Niki Dionne
Book Sketch
$ 100.00
Boot Sketch | {neighborhood} Niki Dionne
Boot Sketch
$ 100.00
Cable Knit Study | {neighborhood} Niki Dionne
Mug Sketch | {neighborhood} Niki Dionne
Mug Sketch
$ 100.00
Shades Sketch | {neighborhood} Niki Dionne