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Niki Dionne

Niki Dionne (b. 1992) in Oklahoma, raised in Houston, Texas. Niki Dionne of Actual Footage of Me is a fiber artist and illustrator. She's an expert when it comes to pompoms and one of her biggest passions: drawing black women, living for care-free moments. Through her work, Niki explores how the ‘perceived self’ influences the ‘presenting self’ of black women and shapes their identity. Through various mediums including fiber, oil pastels, and digital illustration, Niki captures moments that all women can find themselves in.
Big Halle - {neighborhood}
Big Halle
$ 4,250.00
Big Simone - {neighborhood}
Big Simone
$ 4,250.00
Sasha - {neighborhood}
$ 400.00
Karol - {neighborhood}
$ 400.00
Big Kiyana - {neighborhood}
Big Kiyana
$ 2,750.00
Goldie - {neighborhood}
$ 2,750.00
Pom Tassel - {neighborhood}
Pom Tassel
$ 120.00
Pom Sculpture 2 - {neighborhood}
Pom Sculpture 1 - {neighborhood}