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Jon Kvassay

Old Brooklyn, OH

(b.1984) Glendale, CA

Jon is an artist and designer hailing from Los Angeles, CA. His artistic journey is deeply rooted in his passion for expansive landscapes, folklore, and the enigmatic. In all his creative endeavors, Jon's primary focus revolves around space, color, and scale. His craft revolves around crafting visuals that narrate compelling stories and captivate the audience, a pursuit that brings him immense joy.

Jon holds a BFA in Illustration from the Art Center College of Design. Presently, he resides and works in Old Brooklyn, Ohio, where he indulges in hikes, runs, and cherished moments of rest alongside his wife Katy, their baby Henry, and their dog, Boomer.

Mothman Mug | {neighborhood} Jon Kvassay
Mothman Mug
$ 2,250.00
Big Texan | {neighborhood} Jon Kvassay
Big Texan
$ 1,890.00
Utah Mug That I Wished I Owned | {neighborhood} Jon Kvassay
The Second Orange Pot Out of Hundreds | {neighborhood} Jon Kvassay
One Orange Pot Out of Hundreds | {neighborhood} Jon Kvassay
White Dog West | {neighborhood} Jon Kvassay
White Dog West
$ 1,260.00
White Dog East | {neighborhood} Jon Kvassay
White Dog East
$ 1,260.00