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Plant Things

Planters, watering cans, and everything you need to make your plant babies look their best!
Textured Ruffle Planter | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Tiny Speckled Orb Planter | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Low Speckled Orb Planter | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Speckled Half Moons Planter | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Metal Plant Trellis | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Cream + Natural Plant Basket with Handles | {neighborhood} Bacon Basketware
Rust + Natural Plant Basket with Handles | {neighborhood} Bacon Basketware
Natural Plant Basket | {neighborhood} Bacon Basketware
Natural + Black Plant Basket | {neighborhood} Bacon Basketware
Vessel Planter | {neighborhood} Gus* Modern
Atrium Planter | {neighborhood} Gus* Modern
Lucy Faceplanter | {neighborhood} Friend Assembly
Four-Eyes Faceplanter | {neighborhood} Friend Assembly
Stacking Planter - Mini Short | {neighborhood} Areaware
Stacking Planter - Mini Tall | {neighborhood} Areaware
Short Strata Plant Vessel | {neighborhood} Areaware
Sold Out
Tall Strata Plant Vessel | {neighborhood} Areaware
Micaela Frijol | {neighborhood} Colectivo 1050
Dijon Terracotta Bowl | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Save 29%
Dijon Terracotta Bowl
$ 30.00 $ 42.00
Sienna Ceramic Watering Can | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Save 33%
Embossed Terracotta Planter | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Save 40%
Carita Planter | {neighborhood} {neighborhood}
Carita Planter
From $ 85.00
Micaela Alta | {neighborhood} Colectivo 1050
Modello Planter Set | {neighborhood} Gus* Modern
Woven Water Hyacinth Basket with Handles | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Round Handle Seagrass Basket | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Salt Etch Planter | {neighborhood} Capra Designs
Desert Etch Planter | {neighborhood} Capra Designs