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Fernando Rojas

“Nothing as rich as one’s story”

Fernando Rojas Cervantes is an artist based in Fort Worth, TX.
Born and raised in “The City of Roses,” Guadalajara, Mexico, this place established a background
of cultural and artistic influences that impact his work.
He finds himself representing subjects that go from portraits to inanimate objects to highlight their
character, express their inherent emotion, and inspire a sense of curiosity behind the painting,
believing that everyone has a story to tell and something we can learn from it.
To achieve this, he enjoys working with limited color palettes and line work, guiding the eye through
the painting.
His work ranges from smaller-scale indoor work to large-scale outdoor murals, always improvising
and trying to push the limits of the visual.

El Charro | {neighborhood} Fernando Rojas
Sold Out
El Charro
$ 150.00
Boots | {neighborhood} Fernando Rojas
Sold Out
$ 250.00
San Miguel de Allende | {neighborhood} Fernando Rojas
Sold Out
El Rosal | {neighborhood} Fernando Rojas
El Rosal
$ 200.00
La Abuela | {neighborhood} Fernando Rojas
La Abuela
$ 1,800.00
El Viejo | {neighborhood} Fernando Rojas
El Viejo
$ 1,800.00
El Revolucionario | {neighborhood} Fernando Rojas
Rosas | {neighborhood} Fernando Rojas
$ 3,500.00
El Retrato | {neighborhood} Fernando Rojas
El Retrato
$ 3,500.00