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Judy Vetter

Dallas, TX

Judy Vetter was born in California, raised in Texas and educated on the East Coast. After 15 years in the advertising and public relations business on Dallas and Los Angeles, she turned her passion for fabrics and sewing creating a practice in fiber art. What the fuck else do you want to know?

Get Off Your Knees | {neighborhood} Judy Vetter
I Should Have Asked For Money | {neighborhood} Judy Vetter
Sex Doesn't Have to Be Great | {neighborhood} Judy Vetter
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By The Time We Got To Barstow | {neighborhood} Judy Vetter
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The Devil's Voice In Me Is So Loud | {neighborhood} Judy Vetter
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Be Happy | {neighborhood} Judy Vetter
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Be Happy
$ 400.00
Crime Scene | {neighborhood} Judy Vetter
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Crime Scene
$ 350.00