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El Baker

Austin, TX

Eleanor Baker is an Austin-based artist who loves to experiment with materials and unexpected colors. Inspired by road trips across the state, she primarily creates mixed-media Texas landscapes. From the mountains of Big Bend National Park to the rolling landscapes of the hill country, the beauty in every corner of Texas influences her practice. Baker aspires to bring joy and add color to your life through her whimsical and vibrant artwork. Eleanor currently resides in South Austin with her husband, daughter, and son. She squeezes in painting during nap times. When she's not painting, you’ll find her playing with her family on playground structures or splashing in the cool water of Deep Eddy.
Hidden Lake | {neighborhood} El Baker
Hidden Lake
$ 2,500.00
Rolling Hills | {neighborhood} El Baker
Rolling Hills
$ 1,100.00
Yucca Friends | {neighborhood} El Baker
Yucca Friends
$ 1,000.00
Santa Elena Canyon | {neighborhood} El Baker
Big Bend Sunset | {neighborhood} El Baker
Fluorescent Desert | {neighborhood} El Baker
Sold Out
Enchanted Rocks | {neighborhood} El Baker
Sold Out
Chamisa River View | {neighborhood} El Baker
Sold Out
Lake Sunset | {neighborhood} El Baker
Sold Out
Lake Sunset
$ 1,100.00
Big Bend Flora | {neighborhood} El Baker
Sold Out
West Texas Wander | {neighborhood} El Baker
Sold Out
Yellow Desert Trail | {neighborhood} El Baker
Sold Out
Prada Garden | {neighborhood} El Baker
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Yucca Rainbow | {neighborhood} El Baker
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