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Nadia Ala'i Rosales

Denton, TX

(b. 1995)

Nadia Ala'i Rosales is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Denton, TX. Currently, her work seeks to marry functionality and fine art through the craft of ceramics, exploring the ways in which customization and beauty are integrated into daily ritual. Rosales’ artistic practice has developed in conversation with the various folk art traditions she’s been exposed to, including tattooing and rasquachismo. Decorating the surfaces of the vessels she creates with bright and bold imagery, Rosales playfully unifies elements from her personal background ranging from exposure to vintage western motifs to the exploration of countercultural space.

Picadura (Myths and Realities) | {neighborhood} Nadia Rosales
Suerte (Lo Que Necesitamos) | {neighborhood} Nadia Rosales
Bound Together | {neighborhood} Nadia Rosales
Entering Into the Serpent | {neighborhood} Nadia Rosales
Wild Eyes | {neighborhood} Nadia Rosales
Wild Eyes
$ 550.00
Cowgirl II | {neighborhood} Nadia Rosales
Cowgirl II
$ 500.00
Holding On | {neighborhood} Nadia Rosales
Holding On
$ 500.00
Fontanelle | {neighborhood} Nadia Rosales
Sold Out
$ 500.00
Lucky Penny | {neighborhood} Nadia Rosales
Lucky Penny
$ 450.00
Flora | {neighborhood} Nadia Rosales
$ 450.00