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Del Valle Collection

Inspired by Zapotec designs and the colors of Teotitlán del Valle, we are so happy to introduce a new line of handmade rugs and pillows designed in partnership with a group of incredibly talented artisans from Oaxaca.

Handmade on ancestral wooden looms, these one-of-a-kind rugs and pillows are the product of this amazing collaboration. Every piece is made with 100% sheep's wool and natural plant-based dyes using traditional techniques passed down from generation to generation.

Gansas Large Rug | {neighborhood} {neighborhood}
La Salida Del Sol Large Rug | {neighborhood} {neighborhood}
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Modernista Large Rug | {neighborhood} {neighborhood}
Rocío Large Rug | {neighborhood} {neighborhood}
La Puesta Del Sol Large Rug | {neighborhood} {neighborhood}
La Salida Del Sol Rug | {neighborhood} {neighborhood}
Minimalista Rug | {neighborhood} {neighborhood}
Del Valle Rug | {neighborhood} {neighborhood}
La Puesta Del Sol Rug | {neighborhood} {neighborhood}
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Porfirio Rug | {neighborhood} {neighborhood}
Gansas Rug | {neighborhood} {neighborhood}
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Gansas Rug
$ 225.00
Modernista Rug | {neighborhood} {neighborhood}
Rocío Rug | {neighborhood} {neighborhood}
Rocío Rug
$ 225.00
Del Valle Pillow | {neighborhood} {neighborhood}
Rocío Pillow | {neighborhood} {neighborhood}
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Golden Del Valle Pillow | {neighborhood} {neighborhood}
La Salida Del Sol Pillow | {neighborhood} {neighborhood}
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La Puesta Del Sol Pillow | {neighborhood} {neighborhood}
Modernista Pillow | {neighborhood} {neighborhood}
Terracotta Del Valle Pillow | {neighborhood} {neighborhood}
Minimalista Pillow | {neighborhood} {neighborhood}
Horizonte Pillow | {neighborhood} {neighborhood}