Jarrod Oram

Oak Cliff, TX

Born 1976 Arlington TX

Jarrod is a Texas based artist and brand creative. Whenever he leaves his house with his camera, he has no idea what he may shoot. While he gravitates towards the abandoned, rusty, decayed and forgotten, he allows the journey to dictate what he finds.

During 2020, Jarrod moved to Las Vegas two weeks before the pandemic. Without much to do, he set out each weekend on long road trips with his camera, along musical influences from Radiohead to Miles Davis to Townes Van Zandt to Kendrick Lamar, to capture the expanse, quirkiness, stillness, oddities and beauty of the Southwest.

You can find Jarrod’s work in restaurant groups in Las Vegas and Dallas, along with several private collections 

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Ziggy - {neighborhood}
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Kinda Blue - {neighborhood}
Kinda Blue
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Subterranean - {neighborhood}
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Drank - {neighborhood}
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Metaphysical - {neighborhood}
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Kick It - {neighborhood}
Kick It
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Mood - {neighborhood}
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