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Kees Holterman

Philadelphia, PA

(b. 1994)

Kees Holterman is an artist, illustrator, and printmaker working in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His work spans fine art and commercial contexts, using drawing, printmaking, painting, and animation as guiding forces to create illustrative works of art that tell beautiful everyday stories.

He is a former member of the ground-breaking artist collective Space 1026 & current member of the print cooperative Awesome Dudes Printing in Philadelphia. Kees' work has been featured as murals, illustrations, album covers, posters, and t-shirts for The New Yorker, Miller High Life, Vans, and Warner Music Group . His work has been displayed at galleries such as: ArtSpace at Untitled, The Fairmount House Gallery, Space 1026, Stella Elkins Gallery, and the Southern Graphics Conference. He is the recipient of the CARAS Research Grant, The Print Center Award and a graduate of Tyler School of Art with a BFA in Printmaking.

All Together, Getting Better (Anniversary) | {neighborhood} Kees Holterman
I've Been Awake This Whole Time | {neighborhood} Kees Holterman
Anniversaries (Self-Portrait 2019 - 2022) | {neighborhood} Kees Holterman
Honeybrook Courthouse | {neighborhood} Kees Holterman
MeeRee Makes Her Decision | {neighborhood} Kees Holterman
House Tour (Cleveland, Ohio) | {neighborhood} Kees Holterman
Intrusion | {neighborhood} Kees Holterman
$ 900.00
Safety | {neighborhood} Kees Holterman
$ 900.00
Portrait of MeeRee Eating an Apple after Her Poetry Reading | {neighborhood} Kees Holterman
Study (Sitter) | {neighborhood} Kees Holterman
Study (Chairs) | {neighborhood} Kees Holterman
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