Favio Moreno

Dallas, Texas

Favio Moreno is an artist based in Dallas, USA. Growing up in California, Mexico, and Texas, he has cultivated a visual language drawing from an array of influences, including Latin and American Culture as well as iconography and contemporary design. Moreno graduated from The Art Institute in 2001. After working and living outside of Texas, he relocated to North Texas, where he divides his time between painting, printmaking, and design. His signature style utilizes hard-edge painting with an extremely refined sense of color. 

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Dazed - {neighborhood}
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$ 500.00
Be Blunt No. 1 - {neighborhood}
Be Blunt No. 1
$ 500.00
Be Blunt No. 2 - {neighborhood}
Be Blunt No. 2
$ 500.00
Simply Is No. 2 - {neighborhood}
Simply Is No. 2
$ 500.00
Out of Nowhere - {neighborhood}
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Out of Nowhere
$ 500.00
Words Never Said - {neighborhood}
Words Never Said
$ 950.00
Untitled - {neighborhood}
$ 950.00
So You Say - {neighborhood}
So You Say
$ 950.00
Creep Into Your Thoughts - {neighborhood}
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