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Ariel Lee

Los Angeles, CA

Ariel Lee is an artist and illustrator based out of Southern California. An avid hiker and climber, her works are direct reflections of her personal experience in nature. 
Leaving Zion | {neighborhood} Ariel Lee
Leaving Zion
$ 1,700.00
Joshua Tree Superbloom | {neighborhood} Ariel Lee
Sold Out
Guadalupe Mountains | {neighborhood} Ariel Lee
Sunrise Yucca | {neighborhood} Ariel Lee
Sunrise Yucca
$ 1,000.00
Joshua Tree Afternoon II | {neighborhood} Ariel Lee
Saguaro #2 | {neighborhood} Ariel Lee
Sold Out
Saguaro #2
$ 800.00
Saguaro #3 | {neighborhood} Ariel Lee
Saguaro #3
$ 800.00
El Capitan | {neighborhood} Ariel Lee
El Capitan
$ 800.00