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Los Angeles, CA

Lenworth McIntosh (b. 1987) is his real name, but friends call him Joonbug. Lenworth was born in Harmony Vale, Saint Ann, Jamaica and has lived in Texas, Florida, and now California.  Renowned for his artwork, his big heart and and the coolest style of anyone you know. Joonbug was born in Jamaica, and he embraces everyone as family, and he loves sharing his creative thoughts and ideas with anyone. He can do it all– from cartoons to clothing lines to giant live murals and even film photography– his artistic abilities know no boundaries.

Joonbug started taking art seriously in high school when he met his mentor, whose seriousness about art made Joonbug realize that if you’re going to do something, you truly have to put your all into it. This really put Joonbug in his place and made him want to improve his artistic abilities.

This passion for his art eventually evolved into two brands that are different in purpose yet similar in vision. Bugs87 is a design firm centering around the creation of hand-styled illustrations and lettering. 

Old Friends | {neighborhood} Joonbug
Old Friends
$ 1,950.00
Ainsley's Influence | {neighborhood} Joonbug
The Day We Thought Machetes Were a Good Idea to Dig Up Carrots | {neighborhood} Joonbug
Wanna See a Dead Body? | {neighborhood} Joonbug
Y'all 2 | {neighborhood} Joonbug
Y'all 2
$ 35.00
Saturdays Well Spent, Daily Affirmations Print | {neighborhood} Joonbug
Mass Inc. Flyer | {neighborhood} Joonbug
There's a Hole in the Sky | {neighborhood} Joonbug