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Em Randall | Hole in the Swamp


Em Randall is a painter, illustrator, and muralist from Northern Michigan. Her work is rooted in building an ongoing catalog of images and symbols that grow from a rambling narrative of memory, dream, and loose interpretation of peripheral happenings.  

HOLE IN THE SWAMP explores the way our recollections can tether themselves to objects, places, and people. Time is nondirectional in these catalogs, with common themes and artifacts serving as echoes between one another.

We All Laughed When She Called Them Corn Dog Weeds | {neighborhood} Em Randall
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Then It Was Just Gone | {neighborhood} Em Randall
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Venture Too Far, You May Not Come Back | {neighborhood} Em Randall
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Just Called to Say (Found) | {neighborhood} Em Randall
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Intercepted | {neighborhood} Em Randall
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Days and Days Then Years | {neighborhood} Em Randall
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Caffeine Free | {neighborhood} Em Randall
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The Coyote Ran Right Out With The Cassette In Its Jaws | {neighborhood} Em Randall
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Pretend Not To Notice | {neighborhood} Em Randall
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Keep Your Eyes Peeled | {neighborhood} Em Randall
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Was The Snake Small Or Were The Birdies Big? | {neighborhood} Em Randall
Untitled Traveler | {neighborhood} Em Randall
Just Before Vanishing | {neighborhood} Em Randall
No Trespassing | {neighborhood} Em Randall