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Hank Lumen


Hank Lumen is a weirdwestern painter working out of Euless, TX. His paintings of cowboys, livestock, and celestial objects are products of imagination, that come from working seemingly meaningless shapes until they look like recognizable figures – like seeing a teddy bear in a formation in clouds. Hank describes his process as “a meaningless buildup of tones, shapes, and textures – and then a very purposeful reduction of those into something of my choosing. That I happen to see lots of cowboys and animals is merely incidental or lazy.”  The paintings are rich with layers, texture, and movement that impart a raw, abrasively-honest feeling about them.

Hank has also taken creative and often comedic license to titling the paintings. “The naming of the paintings began as satire on how cringy artwork titles can be. But when I realized titles are a way I can safely say anything under the protection of “it’s art” – it took on a life of its own. Language has increasingly become another artistic avenue that interests me.”

Hank notes two major inspirations - the prehistoric cave art in Dordogne, France, and children’s artwork, in shaping his own aspirations of composition and beauty. Hank lives with his wife Sheila, and their cat, Pickles. When not painting, Hank enjoys film, music, and avoiding exercise.

On View May 11 - June 29, 2024

Opening reception is Saturday, May 11th 5-8pm.

All works will be available for pickup and will begin to ship two weeks after the show closes
Pieced Up Creased Up Stayin Dressed To Impress | {neighborhood} Hank Lumen
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It Doesn’t Matter Who We Are. What Matters is Our Plan. | {neighborhood} Hank Lumen
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Homeschooled | {neighborhood} Hank Lumen
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Get Off My Lawn | {neighborhood} Hank Lumen
That’s How I Want To Go | {neighborhood} Hank Lumen
Sensitivity Training | {neighborhood} Hank Lumen
Your Sad Devotion To That Ancient Religion Has Not Helped You Conjure Up The Stolen Data Tapes | {neighborhood} Hank Lumen
You Think You’re So Great Because You Have Boats | {neighborhood} Hank Lumen
What’s Done Is Done | {neighborhood} Hank Lumen
We’re Not a Bank, Jerry | {neighborhood} Hank Lumen
The Romo Years | {neighborhood} Hank Lumen
She’s One of Us Now | {neighborhood} Hank Lumen
Just The Tip | {neighborhood} Hank Lumen
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria | {neighborhood} Hank Lumen
Compliance | {neighborhood} Hank Lumen
$ 450.00