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Jonas Criscoe

Jonas Briscoe

Where the Borders Meet

This body of work explores the aesthetics of detritus and decay through the lens of surface, form, material, and composition. It looks to the rural backroads of Texas for inspiration, the faded facades of old buildings, the forgotten towns and the natural cycles of growth, decay, and renewal. Using the process of assemblage, I explore nature’s ability to reclaim the spaces and objects that we abandon. Utilizing various scavenged materials, I mimic the effects that wear, and exposure have on materials, imparting a sense of history and nostalgia through the surfaces of my works. Overlaid upon these facades are idioms of graffiti that act to reclaim these spaces with the voice of the individual, building up a densely layered patina— an aura of touch.

On View March 9 - April 27, 2024

Opening reception is Saturday, March 9th 5-8pm.

All works will be available for pickup and will begin to ship two weeks after the show closes
Moonlight | {neighborhood} Jonas Criscoe
Sold Out
$ 2,850.00
$ 850.00
Helado | {neighborhood} Jonas Criscoe
$ 3,800.00
Aguacate | {neighborhood} Jonas Criscoe
$ 1,250.00
Rust | {neighborhood} Jonas Criscoe
$ 3,200.00