Kevin Muñoz

Kevin Muñoz's work is deeply seeded in patterns and forms inspired by ancient artifacts and engravings. His earnest line work and warm colors tell the story of indigenous inhabitants of a land outside our realm. Although hope and peace rule the land of these folk, they struggle with familiar conflicts such as identity, mortality, and loneliness.

Kevin is a self taught artist. He was raised in California and currently lives in Austin, Texas with his family.

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Ensemble - {neighborhood}
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$ 300.00
Dying Always - {neighborhood}
Dying Always
$ 3,200.00
Planta Sagrada - {neighborhood}
Planta Sagrada
$ 3,200.00
Guiding Spirit - {neighborhood}
Guiding Spirit
$ 3,200.00
Earth Piles - {neighborhood}
Sold Out
Earth Piles
$ 3,200.00
Milestones - {neighborhood}
$ 3,200.00
My Thoughts are With You - {neighborhood}
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Special Arrangement - {neighborhood}
Special Arrangement
$ 1,000.00
Things are Looking Up - {neighborhood}
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