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John-Marshall Stubbs

Austin, TX

In the midst of a winding career path in tech, robotics, art dealing and investing, John-Marshall found a passion that he never knew he had: painting. He was living in LA at the height of the pandemic, locked alone in a 500sqft apartment. He pushed his furniture to the side of the room, layed a large piece of canvas out on the floor, and learned to paint. The addiction grew quickly. 

Finding his style, which has evolved into "Cowboy Core," was a reaction to being asked what type of art he painted. He didn't want to pick one - that's never been his way. He prefers the word 'and' over 'or.' Instead of choosing to do this 'or' that, he will do this 'and' that. Abstract and Photorealism; Oil and Acrylic; Color and B&W. 

Over time, that conviction turned into a collage driven approach to painting. Stubbs mixes styles, mediums, imagery, and subject matter on each canvas to create the world he sees in his head. 

John-Marshall's first curated collection of work, Cowboy Core, is an exploration of his favorite periods and movements in art history.  You'll find surrealism, pop art, photorealism, and impressionism through the lens of a glamorized Wild West that shaped his youth. Influences include Salvador Dalí, Richard Hamilton, Walton Ford, 90’s era cartoons, Western history & film, and Renaissance art. He was also influenced by his aunt's old record collection of outlaw country music legends: Terry Allen, Waylon Jennings, Billie Joe Shaver, Loretta Lynn, and of course, Willie Nelson.  

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