Desireé Vaniecia

Desireé Vaniecia is a contemporary painter who lives and works in Dallas, Texas. Raised in a matriarchal home, her work pays homage to her family and their legacy. Her distinctive personal style challenges a stereotype of black women constructed by society and the media. Her portraitures evoke both vulnerability and strength in the figures, either through posture, physical interaction or compositional format. Gesture and poses are presented as powerful, whether through sexuality or assurance, while facial expressions and anatomical detail are left reduced and neutral within empty or vague settings.

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Letting Loss, Reveal It - {neighborhood}
Blessing - {neighborhood}
$ 400.00
East Texas - {neighborhood}
East Texas
$ 6,500.00
Me and Mines - {neighborhood}
Me and Mines
$ 6,500.00
What I Want Is - {neighborhood}
What I Want Is
$ 6,500.00
The Payback - {neighborhood}
The Payback
$ 6,500.00
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