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Mary Pulque Pitcher

$ 145.00

This pitcher is an example of the tradition of "splashed" ceramics, a technique that is unique and distinctive from the Mixteca Alta.

These pottery pieces are among the few in the world that use vegetable pigments for decoration. The dark brown color of the stains is achieved when, upon pulling them out of the kiln, at a temperature close to 900°C, the artisan applies an ink made from cactus and oak bark.

The peaks on this pulque pitcher are inspired by the extraction process of mead from maguey (agave) leaves, an ancient tradition in Tonaltepec.

Pulque is a traditional pre-hispanic drink made form the lightly fermented sap extracted from maguey leaves.

Each piece is handmade and therefore uniquely awesome. 

Chica 7" H x 8" Diameter

Grande 8"H x 8" Diameter

(measurements taken at widest and tallest points, might vary slightly)