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Reika Throw Blanket

$ 230.00


Inspired by Iceland

The Reika Throw ("wander" in Icelandic) is minimalistic in design but rich in tone and style -- which is exactly how we'd describe Iceland. The throw's design has some striking similarities to Hallgrímskirkja, the Lutheran church and centerpiece of this simple but vibrant city. The inspiration behind Hallgrímskirkja's design is Iceland's trap-rocks, mountains, black sand beaches, and glaciers. Being able to weave the city's iconic structure and the country's landscape into a throw was a lot of fun. We hope you like it.


  • Designed in Portland, Oregon. Made in the USA.
  • 60"L x 80"W
  • 75% recycled cotton, 25% recycled polyester
  • Machine wash cold/cool, dry low/delicate, separately
  • Pattern is one-sided