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Acacia Wood Board with Squared Handle | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Acacia Wood Rolling Pin | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Amber Drinking Glass | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Sold Out
Asymmetric Black Board | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Asymmetric Marble Tray | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Asymmetrical Textured Stoneware Vase | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Beige + Black Handpainted Terracotta Vase | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Black + Acacia Wood Cheese Board | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Black Chevron Planter | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Black Double Taper Candleabra | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Black Spoon Rest | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Black Stripe Seagrass Basket | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Black Taper Candleabra | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Black Taper Holder | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Black Textured Metal Watering Can | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
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Blush Glass Footed Bowl | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Sold Out
Body Vase | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Sold Out
Body Vase
$ 15.00
Brass Clad Wood Utensils | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Brown Latex Glaze Stoneware Vase | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
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Brown Matte Glaze Stoneware Vase with Handle | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
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Carbonized Terracotta Bulb Vase | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Carrie Mug | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Carrie Mug
$ 12.00
Carrie Pitcher | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Chevron Marble Cheese Board | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Color Block Rug | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Sold Out
Cream + Black Cotton Knit Throw | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Curved Terracotta Vase | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Dijon Terracotta Bowl | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Embossed Terracotta Planter | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Footed Amber Terracotta Shapes Vase | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Sold Out
Gold Cake Server | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Gold Cheese Servers w/ Rattan Handles | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Gold Cocktail Shaker | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Gold Ladle | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Gold Ladle
$ 15.00
Gold Whisk | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Gold Whisk
$ 12.00
Grey Paper Mache Vase | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Grey Stoneware Mug | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Grey Stoneware Pitcher | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Grey Terracotta Abstract Vase | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Sold Out
Hammered Black Flatware Set | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Hammered Gold Flatware Set | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Hand Dish | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
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Hand Dish
$ 10.00
Hand-carved Teak Spoon | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Hand-painted Terracotta Abstract Vase | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Handled Jug Vase | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Sold Out
Handled Vase | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Sold Out
Handmade Terra-cotta Debossed Slim Vase | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Handmade Terra-cotta Footed Debossed Vase | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Sold Out
Haus Tealight Vase | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
Ivory Taper Candle Holder | {neighborhood} Bloomingville
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