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Tim Kerr

(Austin, TX)

Tim is a Texas based artist and musician, hailing from Austin, Texas, where he attended UT and received a degree in Painting and Photography.  After college, he became very involved in the early Texas punk scene. The Big Boys, Poison 13, Bad Mutha Goose, Lord High Fixers,and Monkey Wrench are just some of the bands Tim was a founding member of.  Tim was inducted into the Texas Hall of Fame in 1996, and still continues to play old time music and Irish music with friends.  

Tim's primary focus is now on his art work and painting and you can find his art on album covers, posters, skateboard graphics, and advertisements and a book devoted to Tim's art has been reissued through Monofonus Press.  Tim's artwork has shown from the US to Germany and many places in between, and has also painted murals in Texas, New York, Tennessee, and California. Through all of his life, he has never felt comfortable with labels and their restrictions.  He is painting more than ever but also still finds time to play music music with friends in Austin and wherever his travels take him. In Tim’s own words, "I'm not dead yet. I am still active and as proud as I am of all that has happened before, I hope I have not seen the best thing yet.”

Allen Ginsberg | {neighborhood} Tim Kerr
Billie Holiday | {neighborhood} Tim Kerr
Charles Wright | {neighborhood} Tim Kerr
Fred Hampton | {neighborhood} Tim Kerr
Lightnin' Hopkins | {neighborhood} Tim Kerr
Ornette Coleman | {neighborhood} Tim Kerr
Rick Griffin | {neighborhood} Tim Kerr
Pete Seeger | {neighborhood} Tim Kerr
Pete Seeger
$ 400.00
Sol Ho'opi'i | {neighborhood} Tim Kerr
Garry Winogrand | {neighborhood} Tim Kerr
Charlie Parker | {neighborhood} Tim Kerr
Charlie Parker
$ 1,000.00
Nina Simone | {neighborhood} Tim Kerr
Nina Simone
$ 1,000.00
Josh Gibson | {neighborhood} Tim Kerr
Josh Gibson
$ 500.00
Howard Finster | {neighborhood} Tim Kerr
Eric Dolphy | {neighborhood} Tim Kerr
Eric Dolphy
$ 600.00
Jean-Michel Basquiat | {neighborhood} Tim Kerr
Sold Out
Mance Lipscomb | {neighborhood} Tim Kerr
Thelonius Monk | {neighborhood} Tim Kerr
Sold Out
Harvey Milk | {neighborhood} Tim Kerr
Harvey Milk
$ 600.00
Curtis Mayfield | {neighborhood} Tim Kerr
Roland Kirk | {neighborhood} Tim Kerr
Roland Kirk
$ 2,000.00
Gil Scott Heron | {neighborhood} Tim Kerr
Weapons Of Mass Destruction - Pink | {neighborhood} Tim Kerr
Weapons Of Mass Destruction - Red | {neighborhood} Tim Kerr
Sold Out
Weapons Of Mass Destruction - Yellow | {neighborhood} Tim Kerr
Weapons Of Mass Destruction - Purple | {neighborhood} Tim Kerr
Sold Out
Muhammad Ali | {neighborhood} Tim Kerr
Nobody's Hero | {neighborhood} Tim Kerr