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Saint No

Tucson, AZ

(b. 1980) 


Saint No is a contemporary American painter who focuses on icons of American imagery, archetypes, cliches, and mythology. His clear direction and specific minimal color selection sets his work out as uniquely definable. Drawing inspiration from some of the hottest and dustiest frontiers, Saint No’s work is an amalgam of all that makes up the pervasive concept of the modern West. His latest body of work is an array of his bold figures in oversized hats, depicted in landscapes, surrounded by collaged elements, scribbles, musical references, mysteries, and celestial bodies. These figures embody the spirt of the deserts, personal freedom, thoughts of sexual energy, and the stalwart for the western traveler.

King Of The Dust | {neighborhood} Saint No
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Paradise Is Ours | {neighborhood} Saint No
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Over It | {neighborhood} Saint No
Over It
$ 5,900.00
Loverman | {neighborhood} Saint No
$ 4,600.00
Light My Fire | {neighborhood} Saint No
Light My Fire
$ 4,000.00
Crimson Ghost I | {neighborhood} Saint No
Crimson Ghost II | {neighborhood} Saint No
Crimson Ghost III | {neighborhood} Saint No
Crimson Ghost IV | {neighborhood} Saint No
Crimson Ghost V | {neighborhood} Saint No
Crimson Ghost VI | {neighborhood} Saint No
Crimson Ghost VII | {neighborhood} Saint No
Crimson Ghost VIII | {neighborhood} Saint No
High Lonesome Lover | {neighborhood} Saint No
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Feelin’ Alive | {neighborhood} Saint No
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Big Coyote Smile | {neighborhood} Saint No
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Touch The Sky | {neighborhood} Saint No
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Touch The Sky
$ 2,800.00
Surprise Me | {neighborhood} Saint No
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Surprise Me
$ 2,800.00
Explode | {neighborhood} Saint No
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$ 2,800.00
Ain’t It A Shame | {neighborhood} Saint No
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