Mylan Nguyễn

(b. 1986)

Mylan Nguyễn is a multidisciplinary artist working in several mediums including ceramics, illustration, printmaking, and installations. She enjoys the alchemy of these process based mediums. She creates cute and playful characters and narratives in her works through which she explores themes of magic, healing, and interconnectedness. She received her BFA in Illustration from Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. She went on to study ceramics in Japan at Jic Ceramic Studio in Shibuya and Furuki in Mashiko, Japan. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Fine Art from SMU. 

20 results
Pobrecita y La Curandera Zine - {neighborhood}
Tus Lagrimas Son Granizo - {neighborhood}
Law of Attraction - {neighborhood}
Law of Attraction
$ 2,500.00
The Last Star Salamanders - {neighborhood}
Gatita Yerbera and the Moth Sisters - {neighborhood}
Leo's Comet - {neighborhood}
Leo's Comet
$ 2,000.00
Procession Comet - {neighborhood}
Procession Comet
$ 3,250.00
Glycine Prophecy Comet - {neighborhood}
you surrender - {neighborhood}
you surrender
$ 350.00
when you're so small you're watching from above - {neighborhood}
trying to swim - {neighborhood}
trying to swim
$ 350.00
our arms currents - {neighborhood}
waves crashing against the backyard - {neighborhood}
walking into empty rooms - {neighborhood}
just a soul who is healing - {neighborhood}
we walk these flames alone - {neighborhood}
medicine hidden in a goodbye kiss - {neighborhood}
our distant spirits lurking - {neighborhood}
we froze time - {neighborhood}
we froze time
$ 350.00
orbits cracked our spines - {neighborhood}
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