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Haylee Ryan

Oak Cliff, TX

Haylee Ryan (b. 1986) has been intrigued with the human figure, in particularly portraiture, since early education, selling her first portrait in ninth grade. She received her Bachelors of Arts in Studio Painting at the University of Dallas in 2008. She is proud to have studied under local and respected artist, Kim Owens, and to have apprenticed with artist Glenn Ness in Bend, Oregon. After moving to northern Spain 3 years ago, Haylee returned inspired and determined to make art her livelihood.  Since then she has wholeheartedly pursued her own bodies of work, and has painted several murals throughout the metroplex. 

Haylee Ryan’s work typically captures the human figure in a balance of a creative loose spontaneity and an attention to careful intricate detail.  She has always been passionate about making beautiful art out of people that are typically overlooked or people that have been tucked away in an old photo album. Her work often tells a story and often creates a feeling of nostalgia. Her style of multi layering reveals itself differently in various series.

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