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Olive Wood Serving Board

$ 30.00


Olive Wood Serving board features a stunning natural grain and rustic edge. Great to use as a charcuterie serving board, cheese board or cutting board.

Hand-crafted and natural, these boards vary in shape and size with each one. Lengths stated are approximate and vary +/- 1.5″.

The width of these boards is approximately 7-8″.

Olive wood is a very hard wood and is naturally treated and as a result is ideal for food preparation. These boards are carved out of a single piece of wood and therefore are rare as well as being unique, beautiful and durable. Olive trees are very slow growing, the wood used to produce these large olive wood boards can be up to 300 years old. The grain of these boards makes each one a natural work of art. Due to this no two pieces of olive wood will ever be the same.

The large olive wood boards are very rare, and will last a lifetime if properly cared for.