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Red Milk Crone

Fort Worth, TX

Red Milk Crone aka Diane Pereira (b. 1982) is mixed media artist born and raised in Toronto, Canada.  Now based in Fort Worth, Texas, she works in her home studio creating colorful and odd pieces to invoke nostalgia.  She also is a self proclaimed official ambassador at normalizing doodles as artwork.  

Her work can be seen in Fort Worth in several establishments as well as 8 murals in downtown Fort Worth and the Trinity Trails.  She has exhibited in Toronto, Oklahoma, Dallas and Fort Worth.  Her work is mostly pushing the boundaries of surrealism and simplicity with little aspects of realism and everyday life.  

No Humans Allowed | {neighborhood} Red Milk Crone
Not That Spicy | {neighborhood} Red Milk Crone
Send Doods | {neighborhood} Red Milk Crone
Send Doods
$ 200.00
Dead And Forgotten | {neighborhood} Red Milk Crone
Eat Your Fruits | {neighborhood} Red Milk Crone
Slow To Well-Being, Fast To Sadness | {neighborhood} Red Milk Crone
Bus | {neighborhood} Red Milk Crone
$ 200.00
We Kill Flowers To Show Love | {neighborhood} Red Milk Crone
Time To Make An Appointment | {neighborhood} Red Milk Crone
Not Cool | {neighborhood} Red Milk Crone
Not Cool
$ 200.00
Polite Earth Killer | {neighborhood} Red Milk Crone
Too Hot | {neighborhood} Red Milk Crone
Too Hot
$ 200.00
Meow Meow | {neighborhood} Red Milk Crone
Meow Meow
$ 200.00