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Miles Glynn

Marfa, TX

Miles Glynn (b.1980) is an American mixed media artist who lives & works in Marfa, Texas. he grew up the son of a U.S. Army photo-journalist & this experience taught him to see life in frames & compositions. It also sparked an affinity for going to great lengths to create intriguing imagery that tells compelling stories.

The common thread throughout Glynn’s work is that of presenting items & images from our past with renewed intrigue and relevance. As a self-taught artist, his work has evolved into something that is part contemporary art & part time capsule. Glynn’s mixed media works are at once familiar yet curious, modern yet nostalgic. 



[reynj] - phonetic standard

1- a Lone Gallery event showcasing a wide range of artwork by Marfa, Texas artist Miles Glynn.

2- the extent to which the limits between variation is possible: the range of steel prices; a wide range of styles.

3- also called rangeland. an area or tract that is ranged over, especially and open region for the grazing of livestock.

4- the distance to which a projectile is or may be sent by a weapon.

5- an area equipped with targets for practice in shooting weapons: a shooting range. 

6- a large portable or stationary cooking stove having burners built into the top surface and containing one or more ovens.

7- the distance that can be covered by an aircraft, ship, or other vehicle, carrying a normal load without refueling.

8- statistics. the difference between the largest and smallest values in a statistical distribution. 

9- a chain of mountains forming a single system: the Davis Mountain Range. 


On view May 11 - June 29, 2024

Opening reception is Saturday, May 11th 5-8pm.

All works will be available for pickup and will begin to ship two weeks after the show closes. 


Westernish No. 94 | {neighborhood} Miles Glynn
Sold Out
Sold Out
Westernish No. 99 | {neighborhood} Miles Glynn
Westernish No. 96 | {neighborhood} Miles Glynn
Westernish No. 92 | {neighborhood} Miles Glynn
Westernish No. 89 | {neighborhood} Miles Glynn
Westernish No. 87 | {neighborhood} Miles Glynn
Westernish No. 86 | {neighborhood} Miles Glynn
Westernish No. 84 | {neighborhood} Miles Glynn
Westernish No. 82 | {neighborhood} Miles Glynn
Westernish No. 75 | {neighborhood} Miles Glynn
Westernish No. 74 | {neighborhood} Miles Glynn
Westernish No. 71 | {neighborhood} Miles Glynn
Westernish No. 69 | {neighborhood} Miles Glynn
Westernish No. 60 | {neighborhood} Miles Glynn
Westernish No. 55 | {neighborhood} Miles Glynn
Westernish No. 52 Right | {neighborhood} Miles Glynn
Westernish No. 100 | {neighborhood} Miles Glynn
Oil Drum No. 3 | {neighborhood} Miles Glynn
Oil Drum No. 3
$ 2,500.00
Oil Drum No. 2 | {neighborhood} Miles Glynn
Oil Drum No. 2
$ 2,500.00
Oil Drum No. 1 | {neighborhood} Miles Glynn
Oil Drum No. 1
$ 2,500.00
Heart No. 1 | {neighborhood} Miles Glynn
Heart No. 1
$ 9,500.00
Flag No. 1 | {neighborhood} Miles Glynn
Flag No. 1
$ 20,000.00