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Kees Holterman

Utrecht, Netherlands

(b.1994) Wareham, MA

Kees Holterman is a Dutch-American artist currently based in Utrecht, Netherlands. His work spans fine art and commercial contexts, using drawing, printmaking, painting, and animation as guiding forces to create illustrative works of art that tell beautiful stories.

Kees was named a finalist for The Hopper Prize in the Fall of 2022 and was recently published in New American Paintings Issue 164. His work has been shown in galleries across the United States.

All works will be available for pickup and will begin to ship two weeks after the show closes

Alleyway | {neighborhood} Kees Holterman
Sold Out
$ 700.00
Jongens 2 | {neighborhood} Kees Holterman
Jongens 2
$ 700.00
Long Distance | {neighborhood} Kees Holterman
Sold Out
Father Daughter | {neighborhood} Kees Holterman
Window | {neighborhood} Kees Holterman
$ 650.00