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Ike E. Morgan

Ike E. Morgan (b.1958) Ike is a prolific and well-known outsider artist, began his art career while a long-term patient, being treated for schizophrenia, at the Austin State Hospital. Photographs in books and magazines often inspire his work, and he is especially known for his presidential portraits. While Morgan is no longer at the Austin State Hospital, he continues to live in Austin. Ike loves to paint presidents.  He painted George Washington from the dollar bill when he was in the Austin State Hospital where he resided from age 17 through age 41.  He was diagnosed with severe schizophrenia and lived many years at the hospital recovering and learning how to live out on his own.  For the past 17 years, he has lived on his own with roommate and he paints every day. He still focuses on Washington and other presidents, but will occasionally stray and paint other subjects that cross his mind. Ike works in series based upon the materials he has on hand and what is in his mind.  His work can be created with a wide range of materials.  He loves acrylics, ink, oils, pastels, canvas, paper, and cardboard. He is always up to mixing it up.
Mona Lisa Grey | {neighborhood} Ike E. Morgan
Mona Lisa Grey
$ 1,500.00
Mona Lisa Orange | {neighborhood} Ike E. Morgan