Dirk Fowler

"Self Titled"

Dirk Fowler is internationally recognized and collected for his original letterpress, screen print and woodblock printed posters.  He is also known to his students and colleagues as a tenured Communication Design Professor at Texas Tech University. Dirk has designed and printed posters for such bands as Wilco, Lucero, Loretta Lynn, Modest Mouse, Slobberbone, and many many more.  Dirk and his wife Carol are an amazing duo of designers that together make up their company called f2 design.  f2 design is a full service, modern graphic design studio with a twist.  Together they design everything from corporate identity marks to product catalogs, but they specialize in small edition, hand made design for creative individuals and companies.

 "The way we see it, there are no “small” clients. At f2, our motto is “Everyone deserves good design”, and that’s not just something we say, it’s something we live."  Dirk and Carol Fowler

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Brave & True Print - {neighborhood}
Simple as 123 Print - {neighborhood}
Easy as ABC Print - {neighborhood}
K i Print - {neighborhood}
K i Print
$ 50.00
Hi De Ho Print - {neighborhood}
Hi De Ho Print
$ 45.00
Rose Print - {neighborhood}
Rose Print
$ 45.00
Ampersand Print - {neighborhood}
Ampersand Print
$ 45.00
Design Eye Print - {neighborhood}
Sold Out
Double Roy Print - {neighborhood}
Roy America Print - {neighborhood}
Stop It Print - {neighborhood}
Stop It Print
$ 50.00
Liberty Print - {neighborhood}
Liberty Print
$ 50.00
Save Art Print - {neighborhood}
Save Art Print
$ 50.00
Paul Simon Print - {neighborhood}
Michael Mcarthur Print - {neighborhood}
Ray LaMontagne Print - {neighborhood}
Jekyll & Hyde Print - {neighborhood}
Texas Flag Diptych Print - {neighborhood}
Raisin Print - {neighborhood}
Raisin Print
$ 50.00
Mavericks Heart Print - {neighborhood}
Mavericks Skull Print - {neighborhood}
Sold Out
James Bay Print - {neighborhood}
James Bay Print
$ 50.00
Print is Alive - {neighborhood}
Print is Alive
$ 35.00
Wilco Print - {neighborhood}
Wilco Print
$ 50.00
Water Liars Print - {neighborhood}
Tweedy Austin Print - {neighborhood}
Sold Out
Snow Patrol - {neighborhood}
Snow Patrol
$ 50.00
Hurray for the Riff Raff - {neighborhood}
Andrew Bird Print - {neighborhood}
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