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Bruce Lee Webb

Fort Davis, TX

Where Wheels Can't Go, Wild Cats Prowl

Bruce Lee Webb (b.1966), a distinguished dealer of Americana and oddities, stands out as an esteemed Oddfellow, a Mason, a devoted historian, a prolific writer, and a cherished artist hailing from the heart of Texas. His distinctive painting style draws its essence from the vast expanse of West Texas, the captivating world of hobo lore, and the rich tapestry of American folk art.

For the past eight years, {neighborhood} + Lone Gallery has been privileged to celebrate Webb's artistic prowess, and we are immensely proud to once again welcome this remarkable artist and friend to our space. This new exhibition transcends anything we have previously presented by Webb and promises to be a spectacular showcase of his most recent creations.

Bruce Lee Webb's journey began in Dallas, Texas, where he discovered the realms of skateboarding, punk rock, and the power of art as a mode of self-expression during the vibrant 1980s. At the tender age of 20, he and his beloved Julie married and embarked on their journey together, establishing the Webb Gallery in 1987. Today, the Webb Gallery has achieved worldwide acclaim for its specialization in outsider art and the captivating artifacts of secret societies. This extraordinary collection, overflowing with curiosities, has garnered an international following, owing to the artful curation and its distinctive personality. Presently, Bruce Lee Webb dedicates himself daily to his craft, with each of his paintings resembling journal entries. "I employ my art as a vessel of memory, both for myself and to serendipitously introduce others to subjects I find fascinating and intriguing," he shares.

"I've been creating art since I was a teenager," Webb reflects. "I first got into it back in the '80s, listening to punk rock. You'd just get your dad's old tee shirt and draw over it with a Sharpie." This early DIY approach forged Webb's artistic ethos, which revolves around transforming discarded items into objects of new purpose. In this current exhibition, Webb breathes life into scrapbooks from the early 1900s and feed bags from farms across the United States. With his brush, he reimagines them as captivating storybooks with a quirky charm. "Old items carry a distinct spirit or energy," he remarks with a hint of nostalgia, "I can't stand a blank piece of white paper."

Wild Life | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Wild Life
$ 3,200.00
Trail Boss | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Trail Boss
$ 3,700.00
Between The Worlds | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Sold Out
Fear Not | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Fear Not
$ 2,000.00
Bindlestiff Hobo | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Dancing Jitter Bugs | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Holy Mountain | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Holy Mountain
$ 1,900.00
Star Power | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Star Power
$ 1,800.00
Mance Lipscomb | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Mance Lipscomb
$ 1,800.00
Pines On The Mountain | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
First Rodeo | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
First Rodeo
$ 1,800.00
Mojo Hand | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Mojo Hand
$ 450.00
Suerte | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
$ 450.00
Capote Kid | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Sold Out
Capote Kid
$ 450.00
Lemuria | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
$ 400.00
Spur Texas I | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Donky Town | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Donky Town
$ 450.00
Choo Choos | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Choo Choos
$ 450.00
Preacher | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
$ 450.00
Seance Medium/Occult | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Old Ways/Fate Creeping | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Poets Dance | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Poets Dance
$ 450.00
Amarilla | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
$ 450.00
Wild Kingdom | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Old Vinagaroon | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Ghost Agent | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Ghost Agent
$ 450.00
Saddle Up | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Saddle Up
$ 450.00
Spur Texas II | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Denver Time | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Denver Time
$ 450.00
Count Basie | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Count Basie
$ 450.00
Madam Volta | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Madam Volta
$ 450.00