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Hand-dyed Kitchen Towel

$ 28.00


Artisanal, small-batch handmade/hand-dyed towel.


  • 100% cotton towel
  • Each color is created with natural dyes and will be slightly different on each towel.
    • marigold (yellow): pigments made from ground flower heads of the tagetes species
    • wattle extract (dusty rose): pigments made from the bark of the black acacia (acacia mearnsii) tree
    • madder (coral): pigments made from the roots of a flowering plant in the coffee family called Indian Madder
    • cutch w/ madder dip (terracotta): cutch pigments made from extract from the wood of the acacia catechu tree
    • avocado (pink): dye created from avocado pits and skins
    • black pomegranate (grey green): dye created from the rinds of the pomegranate fruit (Punica granatum) combined with iron 
  • To keep the color vibrant we suggest you wash in cool water with a pH neutral soap, NEVER use bleach and store these babies out of direct sunlight.