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Passed down through generations in the indigenous Quechua families, these Heirloom vintage rugs/blankets (now converted to pillows) are one-of-a-kind art pieces used as keepsakes in the Peruvian Highlands. Intricate hand-woven designs with a variety of patterns and colorways make these truly unique. They are 100% wool and showcase a rainbow of stunning colors and patterns made from organic dye. Not only are they rare (each one sought out by our artisans), but each piece is also one-of- a kind.

The thread in this textile has been hand-spun on a drop spindle before being hand-woven on an Andean backstrap loom. As the width of the loom is limited a signature feature of Peruvian handwoven textiles is the central seam joining two textiles together. This is a stamp of authenticity true to Andean hand weaving heritage.

Material: Wool 
Dimensions: 12"x20"
Care: Dry clean or "spot-clean" only 


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