The Col is an adjustable colorblocked beaded bracelet. This simple, colorful bracelet is finished with a raw brass lobster clasp and leader chain with a small dalmatian jasper adornment at the end. Each bracelet colorway features different beads.

yellow: citrine Japanese glass beads, a 1/2 in. brass tube, square brass bead, round chrysoprase gemtsones, and dark teal glass heishi beads
cobalt blue: cobalt blue, soft pink, & orange Japanese glass beads, a 1/2 in. brass tube and a square brass bead
magenta: fuchsia Japanese glass beads, a 1 in. brass tube, olive jade tyreso, and dark teal glass beads 
palm green: seafoam & palm green Japanese glass beads, flat round & square brass beads, and bamboo coral

leader chain length: 1 in.
total length: 7 in.

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