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Benancia Pitcher

$ 86.00

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This pitcher is an example of the traditional "splashed" ceramics made in Tonaltepec, a technique that is unique and distinctive from the Mixteca Alta region in Oaxaca. 

These pottery pieces are among the few in the world that use organic pigments to decorate. The dark brown color of the stains is achieved when a potter applies an ink made from cactus and oak bark upon pulling them out of a kiln fired at 900°C.

Each piece is handmade and therefore uniquely awesome. 

8"H x 6"Diam

Treat your clay pieces lovingly and with care, they are living objects which will grow old with you. Hand wash in warm water. Not dishwasher or microwave safe. Do not leave pitcher full of water for more than three days, it may soften and break.