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Tom Jean Webb

Austin, TX

Tom Jean Webb, originally born in a town just outside of London, now based in Austin, Texas, spends much of his time traveling and being influenced by the American Southwest. Webb is interested in the role creativity and art have in society but also in an individual sense. The work he creates is inspired by the American landscape. This strongly came from his grandfather’s influence, and his fascination with his house. It was decorated with all sorts of Americana, artifacts and memorabilia. Through this relationship Webb found a love for the US and a relationship with the South West. Many of his works evoke his love for the region through his colors and subjects. Using this inspiration he creates contemporary portrayals of ancient areas and themes. The simple fact that he found such joy in a culture that existed outside of his own, and the way that he adopted this through his fashion or ideas, is something that has had a big effect on Tom and his works.

Wildflowers II | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
Wildflowers II
$ 12,500.00
Wildflowers I | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
Wildflowers I
$ 12,500.00
Lines Through Nirvana | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
Sold Out
I See You In The Mountains | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
Sold Out
Still Life Under A Purple Moon | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
Sold Out
Between Moment & Matter | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
Neon Nights | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
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Neon Nights
$ 6,000.00
Calm At Night | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
Sold Out
Calm At Night
$ 3,750.00
Glowing Hills | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
Sold Out
Glowing Hills
$ 3,600.00
Sounds of You | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
Sold Out
Sounds of You
$ 3,000.00
You And I Are Going To Live Forever | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
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Loving Rest | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
Sold Out
Loving Rest
$ 2,000.00