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The Amazing Hancock Brothers

(Austin, TX)

Charles and John Hancock are the duo that make up The Amazing Hancock Brothers. Their multi disciplinary work spans the gamut from live performances to lo-fi printmaking. Their iconoclastic works are done on non traditional materials such as mattress covers, old tin sheeting and various flotsam. They are members of the Dirty Printmakers of America and the Outlaw Printmakers. Their works reflect a punk attitude that isn’t afraid to blur genres and offers no apologies for any offended sensibilities.

Gunslinger - {neighborhood}
Sold Out
$ 100.00
Rawhide Dog - {neighborhood}
Sold Out
Rawhide Dog
$ 100.00
Vaquerita Pistolera - {neighborhood}
Sold Out
Vaquerita Topo Chico - {neighborhood}
Blind Lemon Jefferson - {neighborhood}
Sold Out
Dos Luchadores - {neighborhood}
Sold Out
Mysterium Magnum - {neighborhood}
Sold Out
Dennis Hopper - {neighborhood}
Sold Out
Dos Vaqueras - {neighborhood}
Luchador - {neighborhood}
Sold Out
$ 100.00
Lone Star Cowgirls - {neighborhood}
Sold Out
El Santo - {neighborhood}
El Santo
$ 400.00
Luchador La Caca - {neighborhood}
Holy Luchador - {neighborhood}
El Santo - {neighborhood}
El Santo
$ 150.00
Lucha Man - {neighborhood}
Lucha Man
$ 200.00
Weird-ohs - {neighborhood}
$ 450.00
Lassoed Up - {neighborhood}
Lassoed Up
$ 300.00
Gunslingin' Cowgirls - {neighborhood}
Put Them Up - {neighborhood}
Put Them Up
$ 200.00
Monsters de Texas - {neighborhood}
Uncanny - {neighborhood}
$ 1,500.00