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Shamsy Roomiani

Dallas, TX

(b.1982) Austin,TX

Shamsy is a native Texas visual artist who relishes her time spent outdoors amounts the natural world. She received a BFA degree in Printmaking and a BA in Marketing from the University of North Texas.

Known for her ethereal botanical and nature-inspired work in installation, printmaking, sculpture, photography, and drawing, she has been deemed Dallas’ “mythical plant artist” by PaperCity Magazine. Her latest exhibition was described as “One of the best solo shows in 2019” by D Magazine. Shamsy creates installations, conducts workshops, and hosts print and plant related events for partners, such as the Nasher Sculpture Center, Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, Mockingbird Station, and NorthPark Center. Her clients include Virgin Hotels, The Dallas Mavericks, The Joule Hotel and West Elm.

The Numb I | {neighborhood} Shamsy Roomiani
The Numb I
$ 500.00
The Charmer | {neighborhood} Shamsy Roomiani
The Charmer
$ 3,350.00
MeteorLite | {neighborhood} Shamsy Roomiani
$ 3,350.00
Reflection of Stars | {neighborhood} Shamsy Roomiani
Redbud Tree Herbarium | {neighborhood} Shamsy Roomiani
Diamond Herbarium | {neighborhood} Shamsy Roomiani
Cobra Lily Herbarium | {neighborhood} Shamsy Roomiani
Sold Out
Pyrite Herbarium | {neighborhood} Shamsy Roomiani
Ammonite Herbarium | {neighborhood} Shamsy Roomiani
A Part of the Whole | {neighborhood} Shamsy Roomiani
Cubed | {neighborhood} Shamsy Roomiani
$ 500.00
The Numb II | {neighborhood} Shamsy Roomiani
The Numb II
$ 500.00
The Numb III | {neighborhood} Shamsy Roomiani
The Numb IV | {neighborhood} Shamsy Roomiani
The Numb IV
$ 500.00
The Numb V | {neighborhood} Shamsy Roomiani
The Numb V
$ 500.00
The Numb VI | {neighborhood} Shamsy Roomiani
The Numb VI
$ 500.00
The Numb VII | {neighborhood} Shamsy Roomiani
The Numb VIII | {neighborhood} Shamsy Roomiani