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Scott Ackerman

Kingston, NY

Scott Michael Ackerman is a self-taught artist from upstate New York. Although he is not one for labels, Ackerman is known as an ‘Outsider’ artist because his unconventional and primitive approach to painting rejects the boundaries of traditional culture. Rather than start with a blank canvas, Ackerman prefers to use ‘found objects’ with rough character such as old wood, windows, and doors to help inspire him. Also unique to Ackerman’s personal style is his playful use of words in his artwork. His paintings are celebrated for being honest, raw, and relatable.  Currently living in Kingston, New York, Scott Michael Ackerman resides in an old church that also serves as his studio/gallery space.

Long Night | {neighborhood} Scott Ackerman
Long Night
$ 3,200.00
Go Outside And Scream | {neighborhood} Scott Ackerman
Scared | {neighborhood} Scott Ackerman
$ 2,700.00
It All Ends Here | {neighborhood} Scott Ackerman
Fancy Cowboy | {neighborhood} Scott Ackerman
Fancy Cowboy
$ 2,100.00
Feed Yourself | {neighborhood} Scott Ackerman
Feed Yourself
$ 1,800.00
Lonely Days | {neighborhood} Scott Ackerman
Lonely Days
$ 1,700.00
Deal | {neighborhood} Scott Ackerman
$ 1,600.00
We Made It | {neighborhood} Scott Ackerman
Sold Out
We Made It
$ 1,600.00
Story Time | {neighborhood} Scott Ackerman
Story Time
$ 1,600.00
Brave Horse | {neighborhood} Scott Ackerman
Sold Out
Brave Horse
$ 1,500.00
I'll Take | {neighborhood} Scott Ackerman
I'll Take
$ 1,300.00
It's All Right Here | {neighborhood} Scott Ackerman
Waiting | {neighborhood} Scott Ackerman
$ 1,200.00
It's OK | {neighborhood} Scott Ackerman
Sold Out
It's OK
$ 900.00
Dead Horse Comin' | {neighborhood} Scott Ackerman
Sold Out
All The Time | {neighborhood} Scott Ackerman
Sold Out
Poor Guy | {neighborhood} Scott Ackerman
Poor Guy
$ 350.00
New Day | {neighborhood} Scott Ackerman
New Day
$ 350.00
Workin' | {neighborhood} Scott Ackerman
Sold Out
$ 250.00