Ricardo Oviedo

'No Goals' 

We sat down with Ricardo Oviedo tonight and had a little talk about how he feels about the upcoming show.

{n} - "So Ricardo, the name of your upcoming show is No Goals, that's an interesting title. How do you feel about the show?" 
RO - How do you want me to feel about it? I’m over it. I wish it was July 2nd already. haha."

Over it is a good way to put it, spoken by the king of uninspiring mottos. He is just waiting to uninspire the future generations with his brightly colored lovable art. His characters have a since of reality as if you personally know them. With each piece he mocks and inspires at the same time. Ricardo's work is illustrated optimism that is always inlaid with the tone or lyrics of giving up. 

This show is going to be an amazing show described perfectly by Ricardo as, "Uninspired and underwhelming." Haha, as it always is, but honestly? It will be anything but that, We can’t wait to see it, it's gonna be huge. =) 

Before we let Ricardo go, he stared singing lyrics to a couple of Fastball and Cake songs. Then he had to go and get back to work. We are so happy to host this close friend of ours, and we can’t wait for everyone to see what he has been creating and stressing over. 


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