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Let's Skip The Line,

And Jump The Fence.

November 12 - December 24, 2022

Opening reception will be Saturday, November 12 from 5pm-8pm

Live Music by The Point

Refreshments brought to you by our friends at Brown Forman and Four Corners Brewing Co.


Apartments | {neighborhood} Kees Holterman
$ 5,000.00
Jesus Doesn't Want Me for a Sunbeam | {neighborhood} Jarrod Oram
You Just Keep Hangin' On | {neighborhood} Jarrod Oram
Let Me Know When We Get There | {neighborhood} Jarrod Oram
Kick/Push | {neighborhood} Jarrod Oram
$ 3,400.00
Gold Dust Woman | {neighborhood} Jarrod Oram
We'll Meet Again | {neighborhood} Jarrod Oram
Walk Away (Neil’s Portrait) | {neighborhood} Kees Holterman
Portrait of My Mother with The Holterman Family Propeller | {neighborhood} Kees Holterman
Meeree Makes Her Decision II | {neighborhood} Kees Holterman
shoes - chews | {neighborhood} Ricardo Oviedo
shoes - chews
$ 2,150.00
down by the way of the K | {neighborhood} Ricardo Oviedo
Up All Night | {neighborhood} Burger Babie
Up All Night
$ 2,000.00
Hold Tight | {neighborhood} Burger Babie
Sold Out
Hold Tight
$ 2,000.00
All Together, Getting Better (Anniversary) | {neighborhood} Kees Holterman
I've Been Awake This Whole Time | {neighborhood} Kees Holterman
Anniversaries (Self-Portrait 2019 - 2022) | {neighborhood} Kees Holterman
Witcham Street | {neighborhood} Alex Waggoner
Witcham Street
$ 1,060.00
West Broadway | {neighborhood} Alex Waggoner
West Broadway
$ 1,060.00
Up Mile Hill | {neighborhood} Alex Waggoner
Up Mile Hill
$ 1,060.00
Neibolt Street | {neighborhood} Alex Waggoner
Neibolt Street
$ 1,060.00
Kansas Street | {neighborhood} Alex Waggoner
Kansas Street
$ 1,060.00
Honeybrook Courthouse | {neighborhood} Kees Holterman
MeeRee Makes Her Decision | {neighborhood} Kees Holterman
House Tour (Cleveland, Ohio) | {neighborhood} Kees Holterman
Intrusion | {neighborhood} Kees Holterman
$ 900.00
Safety | {neighborhood} Kees Holterman
$ 900.00
I Fell In With The Girl Who Plays With The Pages While She Reads | {neighborhood} Kees Holterman
Choosing a Book | {neighborhood} Kees Holterman
Sold Out
$ 700.00
Sold Out
Fish Fry
$ 700.00
Sold Out
Sold Out
Sold Out
Portrait of MeeRee Eating an Apple after Her Poetry Reading | {neighborhood} Kees Holterman
Sold Out
Rosy Cheeks
$ 500.00
Sold Out
$ 500.00
life like | {neighborhood} Ricardo Oviedo
life like
$ 450.00
$ 450.00
Giddy Up | {neighborhood} Nadia Rosales
Giddy Up
$ 450.00
down by the way of the K outline | {neighborhood} Ricardo Oviedo
such luck | {neighborhood} Ricardo Oviedo
such luck
$ 400.00
afternoon breath | {neighborhood} Ricardo Oviedo
stupid for trying | {neighborhood} Ricardo Oviedo
Sold Out
everything is everything | {neighborhood} Ricardo Oviedo
you win again | {neighborhood} Ricardo Oviedo
lo siento BB :( | {neighborhood} Ricardo Oviedo
part of me is faking | {neighborhood} Ricardo Oviedo
one beer left | {neighborhood} Ricardo Oviedo
Sold Out
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