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The Inseparable Nature of Land From Itself

On View May 13 - June 24, 2023

All works will be available for pickup/will ship the week after the show closes

From Beyond & Afar | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
We Could Flow Together, We Could Flow Forever | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
The Inseparable Nature of Land From Itself | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
From One to Each Other | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
The Places That Hold You | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
A New Morning Like Honey | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
Shine On | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
Shine On
$ 7,300.00
Starry Starry Night | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
I Could Love You Like A Planet, I Could Make You My Star | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
Raindrops On Our Rooftop | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
As The River Tells Its Story | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
King Of The Dust | {neighborhood} Saint No
Paradise Is Ours | {neighborhood} Saint No
Over It | {neighborhood} Saint No
Over It
$ 5,900.00
Start Where You Are | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
Rewildin | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
$ 5,800.00
You Are The Land | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
See Me Come Back Around | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
A Nature to Unfold | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
High Lonesome Lover | {neighborhood} Saint No
Sold Out
Loverman | {neighborhood} Saint No
$ 4,600.00
Magic Bus | {neighborhood} Steven Visneau
Magic Bus
$ 4,500.00
Jesus Is Freedom | {neighborhood} Steven Visneau
Light My Fire | {neighborhood} Saint No
Light My Fire
$ 4,000.00
A Light Inside | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
A Light Inside
$ 3,900.00
Among Light | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
Among Light
$ 3,900.00
Wandering Rocks | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
West | {neighborhood} Steven Visneau
$ 3,600.00
Church in Marfa | {neighborhood} Steven Visneau
The Shadow of Yesterday, The Light of Tomorrow (Looking Back At Tomorrow) | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
Nightflower | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
Sold Out
$ 3,600.00
A Future Through Thoughts | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
Out of Order | {neighborhood} Steven Visneau
Out of Order
$ 2,900.00
Dry Goods | {neighborhood} Steven Visneau
Dry Goods
$ 2,900.00
IWYWH | {neighborhood} Steven Visneau
$ 2,900.00
The White Horse | {neighborhood} Steven Visneau
Chubby | {neighborhood} Steven Visneau
$ 2,900.00
Dallas Street | {neighborhood} Steven Visneau
Dallas Street
$ 2,900.00
The Lantex | {neighborhood} Steven Visneau
The Lantex
$ 2,900.00
We're Closed | {neighborhood} Steven Visneau
We're Closed
$ 2,900.00
Miss Molly’s | {neighborhood} Steven Visneau
Miss Molly’s
$ 2,900.00
The Sheriff | {neighborhood} Steven Visneau
The Sheriff
$ 2,900.00
Prairie | {neighborhood} Steven Visneau
$ 2,900.00
Big Coyote Smile | {neighborhood} Saint No
Sold Out
Feelin’ Alive | {neighborhood} Saint No
Sold Out
Touch The Sky | {neighborhood} Saint No
Sold Out
Touch The Sky
$ 2,800.00
Surprise Me | {neighborhood} Saint No
Sold Out
Surprise Me
$ 2,800.00
Explode | {neighborhood} Saint No
Sold Out
$ 2,800.00
To Bark and To Blossom | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
Flowing Through Time | {neighborhood} Tom Jean Webb
Sold Out
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