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On View September 9 - October 28, 2023

Opening reception is Saturday, September 9th 5-8pm.

This collection will launch online soon.

Please email us at howdy@neighborhood-store.com for preview inquiries.

Music by Simon Flory + Ginny Mac

All works will be available for pickup and will begin to ship one week after the show closes

Penumbra | {neighborhood} Aaron Michalovic
$ 5,000.00
Talking Trees | {neighborhood} Adam Young
Talking Trees
$ 4,800.00
Haze | {neighborhood} Aaron Michalovic
$ 4,800.00
Terlingua | {neighborhood} Aaron Michalovic
$ 4,600.00
Ghost Towns and Guard Dogs | {neighborhood} Scott Ackerman
World Champion
$ 4,200.00
Eddy | {neighborhood} Aaron Michalovic
Sold Out
$ 4,000.00
Texas Tramp | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Texas Tramp
$ 3,800.00
Cast Forth All Hope | {neighborhood} Adam Young
Sold Out
Farewell To The Last Pale Moon | {neighborhood} Adam Young
Trail Boss | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Trail Boss
$ 3,700.00
Wild Life
$ 3,200.00
Between The Worlds | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Monument Valley at Night #3 | {neighborhood} Fort Guerin
Buckaroos | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Sold Out
$ 2,900.00
High Chaparral Hootenanny | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Roswell Merchandise | {neighborhood} Jon Kvassay
The Wind Walker | {neighborhood} Adam Young
At The Palace Door | {neighborhood} Adam Young
Jubilation Tree | {neighborhood} Adam Young
Cracked Pot and Prized Horse | {neighborhood} Jon Kvassay
Cast Your Cares To The Wind | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Sold Out
Mothman Mug | {neighborhood} Jon Kvassay
Mothman Mug
$ 2,500.00
Some Days | {neighborhood} Scott Ackerman
Some Days
$ 2,300.00
Long Days Comin | {neighborhood} Scott Ackerman
Blue Spirit Orbs and Two White Dogs | {neighborhood} Jon Kvassay
Sold Out
Big Texan | {neighborhood} Jon Kvassay
Big Texan
$ 2,100.00
Fear Not | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Fear Not
$ 2,000.00
Dusk Ritual | {neighborhood} Adam Young
Dusk Ritual
$ 2,000.00
First Light | {neighborhood} Aaron Michalovic
Sold Out
First Light
$ 2,000.00
Utah Mug That I Wished I Owned | {neighborhood} Jon Kvassay
Holy Mountain | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Holy Mountain
$ 1,900.00
Round Up Time | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Sold Out
Round Up Time
$ 1,900.00
I Remember Lemuria | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Bindlestiff Hobo | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Flying Ships/Flying Saucers | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Sold Out
Lightnin' Sam Hopkins Texas Blues | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Hobo Lingo | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Hobo Lingo
$ 1,900.00
Dancing Jitter Bugs | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Honky Tonk | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Sold Out
Honky Tonk
$ 1,900.00
The Second Orange Pot Out of Hundreds | {neighborhood} Jon Kvassay
One Orange Pot Out of Hundreds | {neighborhood} Jon Kvassay
Star Power | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Star Power
$ 1,800.00
Sold Out
Wild West
$ 1,800.00
Mance Lipscomb | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Mance Lipscomb
$ 1,800.00
Pines On The Mountain | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
La Paloma | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
La Paloma
$ 1,800.00
Hoot Nany | {neighborhood} Bruce Lee Webb
Hoot Nany
$ 1,800.00
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